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Smiley Dog Shampoo 250ml

Smiley Dog Shampoo 250ml

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Our Smiley Dog range of shampoos are locally made in Australia.

Organic Oatmeal & Almond soap free Shampoo with Aloe Vera. ANTI-ITCH FOR SENSITIVE SKIN. Formulated to help relieve sensitive and dry skin issues such as ‘hot spots’ and itching. This Shampoo promotes healing and deeply moisturizes the skin and rejuvenates the coat. Suitable for highly sensitive skin conditions. Contains: certified organic Oats extract, Aloe Vera gel, Glycerine and Almond fragrance.

Rosehips, Mango & Dark Honey soap free Shampoo with certified organic Rosehips extract. RE-HYDRATES & REPAIRS. Formulated to re-hydrate and repair dry skin areas and soothe sensitive skin. Addition of Dark Australian Honey cleanses and re-conditions the coat beautifully. Blended Mango fragrances provides a fruity, pleasing aroma which lingers long after the wash. Contains: certified organic Rose Hips extract, Dark Australian Honey, Glycerine and Mango fragrances.

Witch Hazel & Wild Strawberry soap free Shampoo. CLEANSES & SOOTHES. Formulated to cleanse the coat, repair minor injuries, insect bites and soothe local inflammation. Addition of Glycerine re-moisturize the skin. Wild Strawberry fragrance provides a fruity, natural aroma. Contains: certified organic Witch Hazel extract, Glycerine and Wild Strawberry fragrance.

Pacific Island Coconut Shampoo. BRIGHTENS NATURALLY. A natural white coat Shampoo formulated to make white coats clean, glossy and shiny. NO Dyes or Optical whiteners used. Coconut fragrance provides a rich, tropical aroma. IContains: high quality Pacific Island Coconut Oil, Glycerine and Coconut fragrance.

Apple Cider & Lemongrass soap free Shampoo. REMOVES DIRT & RESIDUE. Formulated to get rid of residue from the coat - including Dandruff. Leaves the coat beautifully clean, and shiny without squeaks! Addition of Lemongrass oil to guard against cuts and bites and moisturise. Addition of high quality Crisp Apple fragrance provides a fresh, lively aroma. Extremely gentle for sensitive skin. Contains Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemongrass Oil, Glycerine and Crisp Apple fragrance.

Organic Chamomile & Lavender soap free and tear-less Shampoo. ANTI-INFLAMATORY CALM & SOOTH. Formulated to provide a thorough and gentle wash for all Dogs including Puppies and Senior Dogs. Chamomile extract is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties to replenish and soothe the skin and Lavender oil has a low-key, calming aroma. Contains certified organic Chamomile extract, high quality French Lavender Oil, Lavender fragrance and Glycerine.

Biodegradable, pH balanced for animals.

Size 250ml


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