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Chew Stopper

Chew Stopper

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Product Code: Rufus & Coco Chew Stopper
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Rufus & Coco Chew Stopper is a bitter spray that deters pets from chewing. Rufus & Coco Chew Stopper contains Bitrex (Dentonium Benzoate) which is extremely bitter to train your pet and stop unwanted chewing. Rufus & Coco Chew Stopper is safe to use on pets fur and skin, most furniture, shoes and other household objects. Rufus & Coco Chew Stopper is proudly Australian Made. Rufus & Coco Chew Stopper comes in a 250ml spray bottle.

How to discourage your dog from chewing: for skin and coat, spray onto affected areas of dog's coat until wet to skin. Allow to dry. Repeat as needed.
For furniture and household objects, test a small inconspicuous area of the surface first to ensure compatibility. Then simply spray lightly onto the target area.

Caution: not suitable for veneer finishes.

Training tip: Rufus & Coco Chew Stopper is a behavioural training aid. The bitter taste can be used to help train your pet to stop chewing certain areas. To be effective though, it is advisable not to spray everything your pet comes into contact with. If everything your pet chews has the same bitter taste, they will no longer be able to tell which items they should be avoiding! Pick a few key areas to begin with so your little mate gets the message loud and clear.

Click here for more training tips 

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