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Dog cooling mat
    Dog cooling mat Dog cooling mat

Dog cooling mat

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Product Code: Cooling mat
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A Self-Cooling pet mat provides relief from warmer temperatures. Place directly onto floor surfaces or under existing blankets or bedding.
Just place the mat somewhere cool and get your dog or cat to sit on it - there is no need to cool or freeze it in advance. The temperature of the Self-Cooling pet mat will start to drop and will regulate your pet's body temperature.
Place it in your dog or cat's bed or it can be used as a soft cushion on a hard surface.
The self-Cooling pet mat is perfect on hot summer days and will help your dog or cat feel comfortable during the sunny season. It folds down into a space-saving size so you can take it with you when you and your pet are on the road. Use it in the car, on holidays or wherever it is needed.

- Easy to clean - simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth and a neutral cleaning agent.
- Quick and easy to use
- Waterproof and dirt-repellent
- Foldable

NOTE: Store the Self-Cooling pet mat somewhere cool and dry and do not place it in direct sunlight. Supervise your pet whilst this item is in use. The cooling mat is not chew-or bite-proof and can become damaged. Do not use the Self-Cooling pet mat if the surface is damaged. The material is non-toxic. Keep out of direct sunlight. Do not machine wash.

Size 50cm x 90cm

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