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Pay it forward dachshund community scheme

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Pay it forward dachshund community scheme

My Dachshund Online is proud to announce we are sponsoring the Pay it forward dachshund community scheme.
This lovely inititative is about giving back to those in need. For all the sick little dachshunds out there. It's about having someone to talk to in their time of need.

The Pay It Forward Dachshund Community Scheme (PIFDCS for short) was started by two dachshund owners who had never met in real life but who shared a common vision and desire to help the community. We both wanted to let dachshund owners know that we as a community are there for them during sickness or when one crosses the rainbow bridge.

For anyone who is interested in helping out please contact the Pay it forward dachshund community scheme here.

Pay it forward dachshund community scheme can also be found on Facebook


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