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Keeping your dachshund calm on New Years Eve

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The best ways to keep your dog calm during fireworks

The combination of loud noises and bright lights makes New Year's Eve extremely stressful for many dogs. Owners need to ensure their dog’s safety first and foremost. Here are some tips to help keep your dog safe and calm:

1. If you can, stay home with your pets and ensure they have your details on a tag attached to their collar.
2. Place the dog in a secure dog crate, with a blanket over it in a quiet or secure area.
3. Put a radio above the crate with the volume a little louder than usual. Do this before the fireworks so the dog gets used to the noise. The noise of the radio should overpower the noise of the fireworks for the dog.
4. It is recommended to alter your dog’s environment in advance, teaching it to sit in a darkened area or comfortable cage. It shouldn’t be a prison, it must be somewhere where the dog feels safe and comfortable, and it likes being there.
5. Placing treats, toys and yummy bones can also be a distraction for the dog, but it must be done long before the stressful event occurs.
6. Make sure your dog cannot escape. Many pets run away when frightened, as this is a survival mechanism, and this can put them in harm’s way.
7. If you can, it may be an idea to take your pet to an environment where they are not exposed to the noise. Maybe a friend or relative can “baby sit’ for the night.
8. If you are wish your dog to be calm during the fireworks, you should be calm too – so they can follow your example and take the cue that there’s nothing to worry about.

Whatever you do though, it’s a good idea to take your dog on a long walk before the fireworks start. Hopefully that will tire them out and put them in a calm state.

We wish you all a safe and stress free New Year’s Eve celebration!


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