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It's nearly Easter!

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Easter is just a few sleeps away with all the fun of the feast and, if your house is like mine, there will be chocolate eggs a plenty. And with every scrumptious egg being unwrapped, there will be a pooch with a 'Me too, please' expression on their face.

We don't want to scare you, but human chocolate and pets are not a good combination, that's why we have our own range of Doggie Chocs available in both carob and yoghurt that your pooch will love!
If you are looking to keep your dachsund busy we also have some cute bunny and duck squeaky toys. Why not grab an Easter pack available here.

A small piece of chocolate will not cause any damage, but some impatient pets will plan a seek-and-destroy mission and will discover the stash of Easter eggs. That's where problems will start. If your dog eats too much chocolate, it could become over-excited and hyperactive. Due to the diuretic effect, it may pass large volumes of urine and it will be unusually thirsty. Vomiting and diarrhoea are also common but it is the effect of theobromine on your dog's heart that is the most dangerous. We recommend you contact you vet for advice.

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