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Does your dachshund bark when you are not home?

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Do you have a dachshund that loves to WOOF? We have some top tips on how to deal with nuisance barking.

Help prevent nuisance barking

It’s a fact that dachshunds bark. Some only bark when they feel there is a need to, while others just love the sound of their own woof and tend to bark until evryone is about to tear their hair out!.

Firstly we recommend you do the following:

Pretend to leave the house and hide around the corner. Listen if your dog starts barking.
Talk to your neighbours and ask if if they notice any barking.
Look at your dachshunds response when you pick up your keys or head out the door. Are they anxious or relaxed and calm?

9 out of 10 dogs, who bark during the day, don’t tend to when their owners are at home. So, if you have a dog with a barking problem, you may not discover this until the council comes knocking or one of your neighbours plucks up the courage to say something.


Bored – dogs will bark if they are bored. Try changing your dachshunds environment with boredom-busting and interactive toys.
Exercise – increasing exercise may also help with barking. Walk your dachshund daily, stimulating their body and mind with different scents and environments.
Over-stimulation – noises, other dogs barking and loud children can start your dachshund barking. Training and desensitisation can help.
Separation Anxiety – your dachshund could be trying to call you back. If this is the case, seek professional assistance. Training can help with dogs suffering from this problem.
Territorial  – Most dachshunds will bark to announce their territory and deter others from entering. This can also be helped with training.

There is usually always a reason why your dachshund will be barking.
Take time to look at the problem. Try making a diary of when your dachshund barks and what is going on around your property. This should help you understand why your dog is barking.

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