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Holidays with your dachshund

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Holidays with your dachshund

Holidays with Your Dachshund 


Australians love their dogs, so much so that many of you want to take your beloved pets with you on holiday. Having your dear dachshund with you is a great idea – after all who wouldn't want their best friend with them while exploring the coast or relaxing at their holiday rental? While plenty of dog owners travel with their pets, the ones who do it successfully are those that prepare. 


Bupa Pet Insurance  recently asked us for our advice on what to pack to enjoy seamless travels with your dog. As the top source in Australia for tips and supplies for all things dachshund, we always love offering our insight to dog owners to help you have the best experience possible with their pet.


Read the article 'The Ultimate Kit for Travelling with a Dog', to find out not only our advice but also that of other leading experts in the pet industry. We've elaborated on what we told Bupa here ... 


Gear for the Journey


First, make sure you have the right gear for the ride. Dogs need to wear a safety belt when traveling by car. If you have a small breed, you may also want to consider taking them by crate. If you are flying with your dog, you'll almost definitely need a carrier. Make sure you call the airline ahead of time to check their specific rules and restrictions when it comes to flying with a dog.


First Aid


Whether you are heading to the beach or planning the ultimate family camping adventure with your dog, it's a good idea to bring first aid for your dog (and one for humans too!). If your pet gets hurt or runs into a nasty bug bite, you'll need to have the right first aid on hand so you can handle most situations that come your way.


Bring an Extra of Everything


Of course, you'll pack your dog's food and water dishes, a blanket, treats, baggies and his collar and lead. What happens if you lose any of these items along the way? It's always a good idea to bring two, especially the essentials like his lead and collar or a harness. With a backup, if something happens to one, you already have another so you don't have to search for a nearby pet store to get pet supplies while on your holiday.


Once you have everything you need, you can travel with peace of mind and build those great memories with your pet!



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