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Hidden Household Toxins That Can Poison Your Dog, organic, clean

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On the Animal Emergency Centre's list of common pet toxins to avoid, you'll be surprised to find that most of them are household items! 

Yes, you could be putting your dog at risk of getting poisoned without even realizing it. We explore the most common toxins that are dangerous to dogs. How many are you aware of?

1. Ethylene Glycol
This is a toxic alcohol that is found in antifreeze. Dogs are attracted to it because it's got a sweet taste, but just five tablespoons can kill a medium-sized dog! Make sure you keep antifreeze out of reach of your pets, safely stored in a high shelf in the garage. 

2. De-Icing Salts
You use these to eliminate snow from your driveway, but if your dog walks over them, its paws can be irritated. This salt is also poisonous if licked. A good idea is to keep your dog indoors when you've used de-icing salts and always wash their paws after walking them in winter.

3. Insecticides
You always hear of how insecticides are harmful to humans, but they can make pets very sick. As mentioned in a report by the Victoria State Government, pesticides contain organophosphates and carbonates which are toxic. Symptoms that your dog has been poisoned by insecticides include muscle tremors, seizures, vomiting, diarrhoea and increased salivation. Use organic pesticides that will keep insects at bay without hurting your dog.

4. Cleaning Products
You use them to keep your house clean, but they are dirty substances for your dog. Many household cleaning products contain bleach, ammonia and chlorine which can be dangerous if splashed in dogs' eyes or on their skin, while leading to toxicity if ingested. Even breathing in fumes can cause asthma. Be especially careful when using toilet bowl cleaners (some dogs love drinking out of the bowl) and floor cleaners because pets run across floors - and lie on them - daily.

The best thing you can do is choose eco-friendly cleaning products that are kinder to both your health and the health of your beloved pet, while being effective ways to clean your home. Most of them are safe for animals.

5. Garbage
Chances are you don't think about your food after throwing it in the bin, but your dog could get to it. There are many toxic food items in there, such as raw meat that can contain salmonella bacteria. Make sure you keep your garbage cans out of reach and in a place that they can't be toppled over and dug through.

6. Formaldehyde
This chemical is found in many items around the house, such as wood products, paints, adhesives, glues, and synthetic fabrics. Keep your dog away from paints and glues, and place any new furniture outside for a few hours before bringing it into the house as formaldehyde breaks down when exposed to air. Choose more natural fibres for your home, such as cotton, stainless steel and solid wood.

According to research published in Your Home, a good tip is to avoid rubbing or sanding down existing paint finishes as this releases fine particles of chemicals (including lead) into the air that can be inhaled by pets and possibly even licked off surfaces by them.

Your dog's health depends on you. Make your home dog-friendly by keeping toxins to a minimum and out of reach of your furry friends.

Photo courtesty Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund


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