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Building a Dachshund-Friendly Garden

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Those of us who have a dachshund know what a friendly, hilarious, and affectionate breed they are. 

Often referred to as 'sausage dogs', they actually have a propensity to be obese, so it is important to ensure they get plenty of exercise. One way to do is to take them for frequent, long walks. It is amazing what natural 'marathon' walkers dachshunds are. Their passion for exercise tends to be equalled only by their love of food! Time in the garden is also important; if you have bought a new home or you are considering adapting your garden to your dachshund's needs, take the following considerations into account.

Dachshunds Love to Dig
If you love growing plants or you are thinking of growing a small organic garden of your own, you will need to take specific precautions to protect your plants from your pooch. On the one hand, decorative flowers and plants should be placed in high pots that are beyond the reach of your low-flying dachshund. As for low-growing fruits and veggies, try to section them off by placing them within a wooden fence or other structure that your dog will quickly identify as a non-canine zone.

Creating a Digging Spot
This may not be the case for more peaceful critters, but dachshunds love digging, being the intelligent, curious, and energetic dogs that they are. They will be eternally grateful if you build them their own pit, where you can bury their favourite toys and watch them go crazy. Just dig out a small spot in your garden and fill it with sand. This area will need tidying up, but it is definitely worth building to keep your dog active.

Build a Path Close to the Fence
Because dachshunds are such brilliant diggers, they can also be great escape artists. It is pretty easy for them to escape from under the fence, so you can guard against this in many different ways. One is to build a stone path by the fence, which your dog will probably enjoying strutting around, especially when the postman and neighbours pass by. Another method is to build a cement structure between the fence and garden, which you can fill with beautiful plants. You can also use shrubs to act as a sort of 'fence'. Finally, you might just have to outdig Fido and insert the fence deeper in the soil.

General Dog Friendly Tips
Finally, like all other dogs, your dog should have access to a nice shady spot, and a fresh bowl of water. Do your research when it comes to toxic plants (so many common flowers, including lilies and daffodils are toxic to dogs), and be careful of using fertilisers and other chemicals. Follow the instructions on the package and try to opt for gentler fertilisers, since ingesting even small amounts can make your dog ill.

Because your dachshund is so full of energy, she will love being in the garden, playing fetch, running around with other pooches and sizing up the competition that passes by the fence every day. Make sure your garden is full of dog friendly plants, and ensure safety by building the fence/barrier and preventing dig-induced escapes. Finally, try to have features your dogs will thank you for in your garden, including a dedicated digging spot and lots of dog friendly toys.

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