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Is it Barking Madness to Buy Clothes For Dogs?

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There's no doubt we love our animals, and with a high proportion of Australians living with a dog rather than with children, splurging on clothes for going walkies and even outfits for special occasions is now common. There are doggie birthday parties and other social events organised, which make the parents just as happy as the dogs.

Furry Fashions

If you think you’re barking mad for buying a wardrobe of trendy clothing for your dog, or even perfume, then there are millions just like you worldwide, so don’t fret, especially if both you are your pup are happy in ...well, yes, matching designer outfits. From hoodies, to bumble bee costumes, to simple warm coats for winter, sunglasses and hair apparel, the novelty has caught on the world over, including in Australia.

For sporty owners who love the outdoors as much as their dogs do, there are rashies, doggie life jackets, travel water bowls and trail packs for dogs who join their owners in the fun. Try a colourful, trendy bandana, or a skivvy for your Dachshund, and check out the the Four Seasons 2-in-1 Oxford Coat, which is totally adaptable to all kinds of weather, with a removable inner lining.


There are some serious consideration though, when you shop for puppy clothes, and they concern your doggie’s health, comfort and safety, plus your budget. Here are some useful hints to help you choose the most suitable clothes for your Dachshund:


Try to find clothes made from high-quality fabric such as cotton, knits, fleece, and blends especially and will be more comfortable for your dachshund to wear. Remember, clothing on dogs is not natural to them so be extra mindful of comfort. For warmth and comfort, choose fleecy materials for jackets etc, and for clothes that just look good on your dog choose 100 percent cotton. Comfort is a must, so pick clothes made from materials that don’t pull or rub the hair out or cause irritation.

Size Matters

There are many different sizes in dog’s clothing now and it means with so many available it should be easy to choose clothes that fit. Make sure the garments aren’t too tight, which would feel suffocating and most uncomfortable for your Dachshund, equally, clothes that are too loose could trip them up. Oh, and measure your Dachshund before you shop.

Budget Wisely, Opt for Comfort

Set yourself a budget so you don’t get carried away by the plethora of expensive and beautiful dog clothing available. Depending on your budget, look for comfortable clothing before bling. Don’t let your Dachshund wear anything restricting. Decide if your Dachshund could be dressed and undressed easily in the garment. And if your dog looks comfortable and happy, say, in T-shirts, then don’t choose sweaters, e.g. You can jazz up any garment if you accessorise. Also, clothes, plus your dog’s collar and/or harness should fit comfortably, so don’t buy items with additions that might stick into their skin or make them itch.

Safety First

Buying pooch clothes isn’t much different to buying baby clothes. You need to be on the lookout for choking hazards because just as babies put everything in their mouths, puppies and stressed or separation-anxiety-suffering dogs tend to chew. So the following should be avoided:

  • Buttons
  • Studs
  • Pockets
  • Any chewable embellishment
  • Zippers

Zippers are not safe on dog’s clothing. Think about how they could get caught in fur and get stuck, perhaps hurting your puppy. Velcro is safer, easier to fasten and there’s less chance of your puppy being injured. Don't buy anything that glitters or shines or your dog might try eating it.

Whatever the Weather

When buying your dog’s clothes, choose items that suit your climate. If you live in a cold climate it makes sense to choose clothes accordingly in winter; and if your climate is hot, or it’s summertime, and you want to start your dog up for a party, then try thin, trendy T-shirts or scarves. If you buy a raincoat for your pooch, make sure you get one with reflector strips so cars can spot you and your dachshund at night, especially in the rain.


Enjoy shopping for your dog and keep the above tips in mind. Woof.

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