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8 Reasons to Consider a Dog Gate in Your Home

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Dogs can be very rambunctious. As a pet parent, you know that your dog does not always sit around and watch you read your weekly magazine.

When your dog is happy, she likes to have fun by running around and enjoying some crazy time. The mere sight of a squirrel or cartoons on TV is enough to send some dogs into a fit of hyperactivity. That said, the easiest way to keep her under control is with a dog gate. We have put together eight reasons to consider a dog gate in your home.

Gates keep your dog out of rooms she should not visit
If you own a big house, chances are that there are rooms you would not like your pet to enter. However, dogs don’t always sit still or do what they are told. They like to move around the house or chase each other and that usually means running from one room to another. Hyperactive dogs can cause damage to your furniture or electronics. A dog gate comes in handy because it will help you keep your dog under control.

Dogs with separation anxiety
For pets that suffer from separation anxiety, a dog gate should be your first consideration. Dogs with separation anxiety tend to follow their parents around all the time; they are often sad and lonely when left alone. It is not always possible to let your pet accompany you everywhere you go. For that reason, it is important to have a pet gate in your home so that she can stay in a designated area. In addition, it will help her learn to be on her own for a short length of time.

Dogs that stay at home on their own
If you are a pet parent who goes to work all day, you need to make sure that everything remains intact while you are away. When pets are left on their own, they tend to be lonely and bored, so they resort to running around the house or play with anything at their disposal. Usually, that includes furniture and other household appliances. A dog gate guarantees that your pet is kept away from those items she might damage while ensuring that she can move about.

Your pet is kept safe from household chemicals
Let’s face it, we all keep chemicals at home for a number of reasons or have things in the house that could cause harm to a dog. Most households keep cleaning agents or sanitizers in the laundry room. Your dog might not know how to open the door to the laundry room but it is important to take caution all the same. A dog gate is the best way to blockade this room and ensure that your pet will never gain access and chew on that bottle of sanitizer.

Gates help in food allergy and weight gain control
There are pets that have a tendency to gain weight fast while others get an allergic reaction when they eat certain foods. It is often difficult to keep your pet away from your stash of food and sometimes, she might end up eating things that could cause her to be sick or gain weight. The best way to keep her under check is to install a pet gate so that she will not have access to the kitchen or food storage area.

Dog gates are ideal for investigative and curious dogs
Pets can be nosy, but locking them up is not the best way to keep them from wandering into places they should not enter. A pet gate is the best way to ensure that you do not stifle her personality while still keeping her out of your business and keeping you from stepping on your Dachshund. So, if you’re a pet parent to a dog that has a long nose, try a pet safety gate.

Final word
Dogs don’t always sit still. They love it when they can run around and act crazy especially Dachshunds. Unfortunately, that does not always end well, especially for your furniture and household appliances. Sometimes they knock things down or sneak into the kitchen and eat anything they find. If this sounds like your pet, try getting a pet gate. It will help keep her under control.


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