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Celebrate Australia Day

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We all have our own way of celebrating Australia Day and of course we want our dogs to be included in the fun.

It is well known Australians love a good BBQ. It’s part of our culture and great way to spend time with friends and family.

Dogs are definitely part of the family, so should be involved as well, however, cooked bones and seasonining are a big no no! Be safe and provide yummy dog treats such as our Aussie Lamb Bites. Make sure human food and drinks are out of reach at all times and tell guests not to feed your dogs!
With visitors coming and going ensure gates and doors are closed securely when entering and leaving.
Do not leave your dog alone with hazards. The smells of a hot BBQ plate, kebab sticks and plastic wrapping are a huge temptation but can be lethal to a dog.

Beach or Park
Be sure to pack poo bags for the whole day. Not only is it horrible for other people, leaving behind a poop on the beach or in the park can get you an on the spot fine.
Take plenty of fresh drinking water along and a portable bowl.
A pet towel will help clean up a sandy and wet dog.

Just like human babies dogs must be supervised at all time when around water.
Some dogs are natural born swimmers while others are not. Keep an eye on dog the whole time.
Dogs may try to drink pool water, which will most likely contain salt or chlorine. Make sure you have a constant supply of fresh drinking water.

Weekend getaway
If you decide to take a long weekend there are plenty of ways to include your dog by searching for pet friendly accommodation or camping sites online.



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