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Why Every Child Deserves their Own Dachshund

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Dogs provide valuable support for children when they are worried or stressed - according to a study undertaken at the University of Florida. The study, which observed 100 pet owning families, asked children to complete public speaking and arithmetic tasks, with either a dog, their parent, or nobody present. Guess which experience boosted them the most? The one with a furry friend! Children experience significant drops in the stress hormone, cortisol, when they simply caress their dog. Of course, if you could only take one pooch home with you, it would have to be a cute little 'hot dog'.

Why a Dachshund?
The dachshund has long been a family favourite across the globe - from the US to the UK, Asia to Australia. They are lively and energetic, making great play partners and fantastic companions for a game of family fetch at the park. The one thing parents need to ensure when taking a new dachshund home, is that children are mature enough to know how to handle dogs. Because this breed has such a long spinal cord, children need to be mindful of their pet's back and they should not pick him up. Kids should also be old enough to enjoy a nice long walk with their parents and dog in the park. Dachshunds should be kept at a nice healthy weight to avoid the back pain that can ensue when obesity arises.

What can a Dog Teach a Child?
Dogs can bring so many benefits to children - including unconditional friendship, and lessons on responsibility and commitment. However, a friendly dachshund can also have an important role to play, by enhancing children's empathy. In this day and age, bullying, which has serious health effects, is prevalent in many schools. Often, it arises because of a lack of empathy for the victim. Having a dog can hone empathy, and other important emotions like compassion and kindness - according to a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health. Studies have shown that dogs can help children regulate their emotions, increase their sense of self-worth, and feel more secure. They can therefore play an important role in sharpening kids' EQ ('Emotional Quotient'), which many educators feel is more important than their IQ ('Intellectual Quotient).

The Physical Benefits of Having a Dachshund
Dachshunds love nothing more than a long walk outside, and kids can increase their activity levels by not missing out on a single walk. Around 87% of children in Australia spend more time playing indoors than out, according to Nature Play SA. Nature has calming, soothing benefits for children. It plays an important role in keeping them active, curious and connected to their environment, so encouraging children to spend more time in the Great Outdoors is key for their physical and mental health. Other physical benefits of having a dog include a reduced risk of childhood eczema and asthma. Of course, this is only the case if your child is not already allergic to pet dander or other animal-related allergens.

Dachshunds are wonderful family pets. If you are adopting or buying a dachshund, know that your children can benefit in many ways - both emotionally and physically.

Ensure kids are mature enough to treat your dog kindly and of course, always be present when they are at play. This way you can make sure that playtime is harmonious for kids and 'hot diggity dog' alike.


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