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Izzy and Arlo pet travel blog PART 2

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Ballarat and Edenhope

The next day we headed to Ballarat for a few days to see a friend and her two dachshunds before number 3, a little girl, entered the pack later in the week.

3rd stop – Ballarat

Unfortunately not a lot of pet friendly things to do in Ballarat but the botanical gardens and around Lake Wendouree – there is a  little fairyland walk is rather nice so if weather is good like we had (even though a bit breezy) can make the most of it.

The botanical gardens has the prime ministers walk and also a sensory garden which has herbs you can pick and smell, this is pretty cool as if your travelling with younger children this may be something they would enjoy aswell as the dogs wandering and sniffing (Arlo had 0 interest though).

While in Ballarat we went to a farm where my friends horse was adjisted and Arlo met a Irish wolf hound and the Big horse… he behaved with the horse to a extent then tried be big and brave and nip at him. Arlo is a brat! We house sit for a lady where he regularly escapes with one of her dachshunds and they chase the nighbours horses. Yes this is stupid and unsafe and I always rescue him but Dachshunds will be Dachshunds! If you don’t own one you really wont know what that means haha!

Things good to suss in Ballarat IF you can tee up a pet sitter would be the Tramway museum, Eureka Centre and Sovereign Hill. If you love ghost tours they have these as well as Ararat Lunatic asylum a few hours drive away.

4th stop – Edenhope
This was only a passing visit but in Edenhope there is a Dachshund museum!!!! Called “Now Dach’s a Gallery“ located 85 Elizabeth Street (the main street) check the opening times via google and contact the owner as sometimes the times vary as it’s a one lady show. Dogs are welcome and if you're lucky like Arlo, you get to meet Diana's boys, Neddy and Leroy, who are frequently at work with her.

The museum is a collection of goodies Diana has collected over the years and now has on display. I went to the one in Passau, Germany a few years ago and donated something from Australia, so it seemed fitting for us to donate something that we had bought back from Germany for Diana's collection as well. Totally worth the visit to see how a small collection can turn into a BIG collection.

Edenhope also has a “Day of the Dackel” usally held in April at Henley Park. For more information about the event and the museum you can also contact Diana on 0432 572 449

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