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Izzy and Arlo pet travel blog PART 4

Write By: admin Published In: ROOT Created Date: 2023-07-29 Hits: 629 Comment: 0

6th stop Port Fairy
Clocking up over 6 hrs driving that day to Big Lobster, Robe, Port Macdonnell, Mt Gambier, Port Fairy, Battery Hill, Warnambool.

We went the Big Lobster - Larry in Kingston.– Larry sits at about 17m tall and well you cant miss him!

Then to Robe to see the Robe Obelisk and the Door way rock. Seriously amazing views and also in the same car park to see the Obelisk there is a Old Goal all of this you can wander about with your pooch and take it in.

Leaving Robe we then headed to just the other side of Port Macdonnell to see The Penguins.

Then onto Mt Gambier where we sussed out the Blue Lake which is a old volcano you can walk around this if you want its roughly 3.6km and you can check the various look outs around it. There is also a marker at one of the look outs for “ The Southern Ocean Drive” which I had passed a few along the way from Adelaide but had not been able to stop.
Also in Mt Gambier there is sink holes in the town itself one called Umpherston, there is this amazing garden down in it, however, I'm assuming due to the stairs needed to take down, Dogs are not permitted. But looking from above you can still appreciate its beauty and read about the history at the look out point at the top.

From there we then legged it to Port Fairy crossing the South Aust to Victorian border of course we had to get those selfies with the signs. When arriving at Port Fairy we camped at The Gumtree Caravan Park, its about a 5min drive from the town centre. We arrived at about 6pm then headed down into town got some food came back and set up for the night. It was blowing a gale and also really cold so didn’t venture too much until the next day.

In the morning we went to Battery Hill which is the maritime complex, you can easily walk around even out to the mouth of the Moyne River which meets Bass straight. Dogs welcome as long as on a leash. While at Battery hill you will see the old fortress with cannons and if lucky enough like we where a very talkative magpie.

We also drove through Tower Hill Wild Life Reserve as unfortunately no dogs allowed but its worth a slow drive to may see one of the many animals that live there. Tower Hill again is a old volcano that’s been inactive for along time. Several look outs around the top which is easy enough to drive around and look down into it from different points.

We then hit Warrnambool which unfortunately at time of our visit we where not able to go to Flagstaff Hill Maritime Villiage like I'd hoped to. However, they are in the process of changing the policy to allow dogs so if this is a place that would interest you please call ahead to see if its been updated.

There is a few points and look outs there to see and wander with the dog but due to sulking about not being able to go into Flagstaff we started the Great Ocean road!!!!

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