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Izzy and Arlo pet travel blog PART 5

Write By: admin Published In: ROOT Created Date: 2023-08-27 Hits: 688 Comment: 0

7th & 8th stops GREAT OCEAN ROAD!!!! and Melbourne

Now this technically starts just out side Warrnambol (or ends depending which way you start)


Remember also now your in Victoria which is a lot less dog friendly in its National park areas vs SA.

We got some amazing shots, some of which I left Arlo in the car did a running dash got the pics appreciated for a few meer seconds then dashed back to the car as “Dogs prohibited”.
One major site we didn’t get to see… 12 Apostles. This is the only tourist attraction along G.O.R that has a full tourist centre, so me being me asked “Is there any chance I can walk out to the lookout with my dog Im travelling solo”. The staff were lovely and ever so appologetic as unfortunatly they had allowed people to before and it had come back to bite them in the butt.

This is forever a scene I have seen over the years and was annoyed but also understood. Yes, I get it’s a National, Park BUT its also a sight that I've now missed due to others not doing the right thing with their dog. This was also the case for Cape Otway Lighthouse as its posotioned in a National park as well. Again I understand a NP but I do feel some places should be able to asess each person travelling as to the dog they are with.

Both these sights I could have left Arlo in the car for the period of time it took me to see them but this is not how I roll as its his holiday as much as mine and he also stresses a little when left in the car and cant see me (even if given a treat etc) .

We stayed at Apollo Bay to break up the trip along G.O.R at a lovely Air BnB, this was mainly because we had called and left messages at a few places the day before and day of driving to try organise accomodation But we heard nothing back so last last minitue I managed to secure this little property Which I highly recommend if you want to stay a few days somewhere along the trip stay here, Merengo Beach Studio #3 now being an Air B B it was a little more expensive then I originally wanted to pay, but I was tired and it was too late to keep going as I'd missed entry into Cape Otway so wanted to head up the next morning (20km back track) to see IF we could be a special considertion to be let in.

Merengo has a little court yard, a queen bed a kitchenette full bathroom with a BIG bath tub. IT really was lovely!!!! I think, to be honest, he was just happy he had his own little yard to romp about in as since we had left Ballarat he had to be on a lead every time he wanted to go out. Oh and we where lucky enough to see a Koala crossing the road back down from Cape Otway.

Now for the Rest of the G.O.R, I think unless you're happy to just chill and have someone who can pup sit for you, then its not overally pet friendly and I would highly suggest to plan well in advance, and not just wing it like I did for accomodation and hoping we could get into places.

The next day after not getting into Cape Otway, we pretty much just mozied onto Melbourne. We did stop at Lorne and Torquay where we had lunch.

We stayed with some good friends. While there, they pup sat Arlo so I could do some non dog friendly touristy stuff.  I highly suggest seeing Old Melbourne Goal if you can get your pooch looked after.
and take a look at Queen Victoria Markets.

Places Arlo and I went together: Flagstaff Gardens, Docklands public art walk, AC/DC walk and China Town.

Places we ate at where Arlo was Welcome: Keriton in Footscray for gelato and sorbettes, Fuumi Fuumi in West Melbourne (note try book or be prepaired to wait, how ever take away options available and can walk up to Flagstaff gardens) and Cornish Arms in the beer garden.

To be Honest Melbourne was a chill session as we hung lots at home with the pooches and enjoyed chill time (being from the country, cities are too peopley for me haha).

Arlo also got to visit My Dachshund Online Shop and did some modelling… Totally not phased about it though as he assisted on their stall a few months before at a dachshund event in the Hunter Valley!



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